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Sharpening Your Marketing Skills

When I opened the first store for my business, I expected the customers to pour in. Unfortunately, the first week of operations, I only helped about 50 people. I quickly realized that attracting customers was a little harder than I thought it would be. In an attempt to stay in business, I worked with a friend of mine who knew a little more about marketing. Together, we were able to form a plan of attack, and within a few weeks we had turned things around. If you are in the same boat, check out my website. You can learn how to sharpen your marketing skills, so that you can love your job.

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7 Tips For Choosing The Best Name For Your New Product

You've invented a new product, and you're ready to release it to the world. But you're not sure what to name it. Your product's name plays a significant role in its branding and ultimately, its success. To narrow in on the best name for your new product, keep these tips in mind.

1. Make it meaningful

You've spent a lot of time and energy creating this new product. It deserves a meaningful name. Choose the name carefully and ensure that it reflects the spirit of your item. 

2. Reflect on your customers' lexicons

Think about the words your customers use, and try to incorporate them into the name. If you've created a backyard shed for people who love cottage core style, for example, you may want to use words such as delight or joy. 

If you've designed a new lasso for your cowboy clientele, you may want to use words such as rugged or strong. These words don't have to become your product name. They're just words that you should think about while trying to come up with a name. 

3. Ensure it matches your brand

In the same vein, ensure the name matches your brand identity. What feeling do you want people to have when they see your logo or think about your company? That should also be reflected in the name of your new product. 

3. Brainstorm lots of ideas

Have an old-fashioned brainstorming session where no idea is a bad idea. Let yourself and your team members come up with all kinds of names. During these sessions, get as outlandish as possible. While playing with ridiculous ideas, you may come up with the perfect product name.  

4. Say potential names out loud many times

As you explore different product names, say them out loud. See how it feels to say them. Remember this is something that your customers will be saying a lot. You will have to incorporate this name into your marketing. 

You need to ensure that you don't overlook any unwanted sounds or connotations. Sometimes, saying the word out loud is the best way to assess this issue. 

5. Imagine the visuals

As you say the name out loud, close your eyes. What comes to mind? Ask other people what visuals they see when they hear this word? Again, this is an important test to ensure you don't accidentally choose a product name with unwanted connotations. 

7. Consult with a new product name research agency

Finally, consult with a specialist. A new product name research agency can help you see how different ideas will appeal to your customer base. They can help you research concepts and come up with the best name possible.