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When I opened the first store for my business, I expected the customers to pour in. Unfortunately, the first week of operations, I only helped about 50 people. I quickly realized that attracting customers was a little harder than I thought it would be. In an attempt to stay in business, I worked with a friend of mine who knew a little more about marketing. Together, we were able to form a plan of attack, and within a few weeks we had turned things around. If you are in the same boat, check out my website. You can learn how to sharpen your marketing skills, so that you can love your job.

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Marketing can go a dozen different ways these days


Understanding Why Linear TV Advertising Should Still Be Part Of Your Marketing Package

Marketing can go a dozen different ways these days. Pop up ads online, page links to advertising, social media advertising, and even classic linear TV advertising are all out there. You might be tempted to stick to just digital and/or social media advertising for getting your products or services out there, but there are plenty of good reasons for keeping linear TV advertising as part of your marketing package.

People Still Watch a Lot of Regular TV

Linear TV is the same as regular old TV programming set at a specific time on an easily accessible local channel. Not everyone has cable and those that do still watch more programs on their local stations over cable than any other channel in their cable TV package. That means that you are missing a lot of advertising opportunities if you avoid placing advertising during regularly scheduled airings of popular programs. 

Digital Recordings of Regular Programming Capture All the Ads Too

Think about it; if you have a DVR and record programs to watch later because you are busy some night, you still get all of the commercials with that program. People can opt to fast forward through the commercials, but the commercials are still there because they cannot be edited out of the digital recording. Your ads would still be present within the shows where you want your ads to air. 

Those Watching Linear TV over the Air/with an Antenna Have to Watch the Ads, Period

There are a lot of people that cannot afford subscription TV or a DVR. Some of them might not even be able to afford streaming subscriptions. For that cross-section of the population, they are watching shows as they air, over the air, and via antenna. You could be missing thousands of TV viewers that, for whatever financial or social reason, do not have access to anything else but a standard TV with "rabbit ears" for TV reception. (You do want your advertising to reach everyone, right?)

Linear TV Ads Are Not as Expensive Anymore

In fact, the advertising on most other platforms is more expensive because it has to be digitized and set up to operate on its own. If you are not sure about that, ask for a price quote for the linear ad spots and frequency of airing. Get a comparison quote for four other platforms of advertising. You might be pleasantly surprised to see the affordability of linear advertising.